In December of 2015, Silver Reef purchased a new piece of land. The Rohrbacker Farm had been on our radar for some time, and when the opportunity to purchase came around, we took it! The land had originally been used as a dryland wheat farm back in the 1980’s, but since then it has taken the role of a horse pasture. With good slope, great soils, and most importantly an adjudicated agricultural-use well, we knew this land had great potential, but we also knew it would need some serious work. We started to pursue this project by forming a team of professionals that would guide us through the actual purchase of the land and water rights, farmland conversion, and development opportunity. The Silver Reef Team worked countless hours to bring all the potential the land had in theory, into a reality. In blog posts to come, we will be delving into the specifics of what made this whole process a success.